Beside DTA and Jenvey products we can also supply the following parts:    
Fuel pressure regulators FSE Motorsport, with vacuum connection, adjustable up to 10 bar
Fuelpumps Bosch Motorsport
DIS modules DIS modules (2, 4 en 6 cylinder) en individual coils
Injectors normal length and pico, from 200 up to 900cc@3bar
Intercoolers different sizes
Cable looms custom made
Valves Pipercams, see camshafts
Wideband lambdameter Zeitronix
Airfilters Pipercross
Camshafts Pipercams
Vernier Pipercams, see camshafts
Pop-off valves FSE blow-off and recirculation, with vacuum connection
Sensors all necessary sensors e.g. air- en watertemperature, airpressure, turbopressure, throttle postion,  halleffect